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Organic solid wood furniture with style

ekomia stands for minimalist ecological furniture with Scandinavian design. We use certified oak or pine wood and ecological paints or oils. The durable solid wood furniture is completed by cheap DIY furniture & lamps.

Designbetten aus Massivholz von ekomia

Timeless minimalist

The overarching design language of ekomia is minimalism. Apart from current trends, we try to make ekomia furniture as simple and straightforward as possible so that it will still fit in with the times 20 years from now. Nevertheless, we work with great attention to detail.

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Ökologische, nachhaltige Möbel von ekomia

Holistic ecological

At ekomia, we try to make the entire product life cycle as sustainable as possible.

We use FSC certified European solid wood and ecological paints & oils. We try to keep the transport routes short and compensate the CO2 emissions. We take care to use only health-compatible, vegan substances without synthetics or allergens.

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Moderne Produktion von ekomia

Technology meets craftsmanship

Our production works with the most modern computer-controlled machines, which work very precisely and inexpensively.

Nevertheless, the wood selection is hand-picked and typical characteristics of the wood are carefully processed by our production staff. For the connectors we use quality components from companies like Haefele or Blum.

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DIY und Upcycling Möbel von ekomia

Direct Sales & DIY

Our products are mostly produced in series and sold directly without intermediaries. Thus we can realize better prices than is possible in the traditional trade.

For those who want to save even more, we offer cheap DIY sets for furniture and lamps that can replace the purchase of new furniture.

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Inside ekomia

So macht sich Luke bei unseren Kunden

This is how Luke looks like in our customers rooms

The best feedback are the pictures that are sent to us. It's nice to see Luke in our customers' bedrooms and we are thrilled to see how many great furnishing ideas are included.

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"...affordable, ecological furniture..."
"The first collection convinces with clear lines and Scandinavian flair. In addition, there are two smart DIY living ideas for small money, but with great charm".
"Ekomia's growing crib is made of FSC-certified solid pine..."
"Berlin designers Jekaterina and Rolf Piechura produce ecological and flexible furniture."

Order a wood sample

If you would like to know what our wood feels like, we will gladly send you a wood sample free of charge.

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Questions & Answers

Organic products have been known for a long time in the food and textile industries. In the furniture sector, on the other hand, there seems to be either short-lived chipboard furniture or eco furniture that somehow seems to have fallen out of time. We wanted to change that by developing ecologically high-quality furniture that still looks good. At ekomia we try to create affordable designer furniture and make it as ecological as possible.

With bonds from Scandinavian design, we try to make the models as simple and straightforward as possible with a lot of love for detail. We want timeless, minimalist Design objects that are not subject to fashion and still look contemporary 20 years from now. Here you can see a few Design inspirations from ekomia .

People often have different things on their minds when they talk about natural products or sustainability. Terms are used that are sometimes used synonymously or can mean completely different things. There are different approaches to furniture when it comes to ecological furniture:
  • Solid wood furniture from the natural material wood, which promises a long durability.
  • Healthy furniture with as few pollutants as possible.
  • Furniture, most of which is made of natural materials and leave out synthetic materials, colours and glues.
  • Environmentally friendly furniture productionusing only wood from trustworthy sources and raw materials that do not harm the environment.
At ekomia, we take a holistic approach to sustainability. Starting with the selection of high-quality, pollutant-free materials, environmentally friendly production, recycled packaging and short, climate-friendly transport routes to the customer.

For ekomia furniture we use different types of wood:
  • The white furniture is made from FSC certified pine wood from Sweden and white glazed with an ecological glaze. The beautiful grain of the pine shimmers through lightly. Pine is a very good furniture wood with a good price/performance ratio.
  • Our oak furniture is made of solid oak from Poland (FSC certified). It has a distinctive grain with sometimes more, sometimes less knots (wild oak). So you always have a beautiful unique original. The surface is treated with a natural furniture oil. Oak is a very hard, resistant noble wood.
  • We use plywood for cabinet back panels and drawer bottoms. For plywood, thin layers of wood are glued together. This gives you a stable, natural material that is very stable even at low thicknesses.
  • For our made-to-measure furniture, customers can choose between Solid wood from beech, beech heartwood, oak, wild oak, ash and European walnut. All woods are FSC certified.

In contrast to chipboard, solid wood is glued together from complete wooden parts. This gives a stable, durable construction that can be easily repaired even in the event of dents, cracks or scratches. So solid wood furniture can last for generations. Of course, it is important that the design of the furniture does not go out of fashion at some point. That's why we at ekomia try to make our organic furniture as simple and timeless as possible so that you and later generations can enjoy the pieces for a long time.

At ekomia we are using a Formaldehyde-free white glue. Wood glue is unfortunately mostly produced synthetically in furniture construction and in many cases on the basis of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a substance that occurs in nature, but can be harmful to health if there are high concentrations in the air. Chipboard in particular has a high glue content of up to 10%, which is often based on formaldehyde. Solid wood, on the other hand, which we use for the most part at ekomia, requires very little wood glue (less than 1% glue content) for production.

We exclusively use ecological paints and furniture oils with natural ingredients. Conventional paints are mostly produced synthetically from petrochemical products. In the case of natural paints, attempts are made to use organic and mineral raw materials as far as possible. The use of solvents should also be avoided because solvents are harmful to the environment and can impair the health of furniture manufacturers. ekomia only uses natural vegetable oil-based paints, which are approved for children's toys according to DIN EN 71, are vegan and do not contain known allergens.

Yes. If you want to know what our wood feels like, you can order a free wood sample .

Naturally oiled or glazed wooden surfaces have the advantage that scratches or stains can be easily repaired:
  • For light soiling or dry surfaces, you can simply polish the furniture oil or woodstain with a cotton cloth from the wood surface.
  • For heavier stains you can rub the oil or glaze with a sanding pad to remove the stains.
  • Very heavy soiling must first be removed with coarse sandpaper (P100 - P200) and later sanded with sandpaper before the surface can be treated with oil or glaze.
  • Strong dents or holes in the wood should be filled with a furniture wax before treatment.
You can buy care sets and wood wax for all white and natural oiled ekomia organic furniture from us. If you want to build and treat a piece of furniture yourself, you can also get ecological wood varnishes and working materials from us. To the wood care products

Every solid wood has its own characteristics that have to be taken into account during production. How does the wood stretch after cutting? How does it react to oils and glazes? Many years of experience are therefore essential in the furniture crafts. A piece of furniture goes through the following steps in production:
  • Wood selection and cutting of the raw piles
  • Gluing to boards or strips and coarse sanding
  • Fine cutting, milling & drilling
  • Fine sanding and treatment with ecological oil or glaze
  • Quality control and packaging
We cooperate with experienced production partners. Our partners for oak furniture, for example, exclusively produce solid wood furniture from oak and know all the characteristics of wood. Our design drafts and specifications for sustainability are thus underpinned by the production know-how of our partners.

Why do we always have to buy new things? That's what we asked ourselves and developed a series of Upcycling and DIY furniture and prepared building instructions for it. All building instructions you will find free of charge. So you can easily upcyclize old things to new ones and enrich your apartment with chic unique pieces.
Have a look at our DIY section. There you will find some ideas how to create new things from old branches, with self made concrete or used packaging - in a simple way and with tools everyone has at home. To the DIY area