Design beds made of solid wood

Organic beds made of solid wood with white organic paint or oiled wild oak. Whether you are looking for floating beds, beds with storage space or something very minimalist, here you will find what you are looking for. In addition there are natural mattresses & quality slatted frames. More

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Schwebebett in weiß von ekomia

Bed Swebe

Pure minimalism - optional headrest from 110€
from 300 €
Weißes Designbett mit Regal und Kopfteil von ekomia

Bed Luke

Design bed with shelf & integrated night table. Headboard optional - 100€.
from 700 €
Weißes Stauraumbett Lade von ekomia

Bed Lade

Storage bed with headboard & two bed drawers to open on either side.
from 875 €
Weißes Massivholzbett Lade Sans von ekomia

Bed Lade Sans

Minimalist bed in comfort height with headboard.
from 550 €
Guter Lattenrost aus zertifiziertem Holz von ekomia

Slatted Frame Elastique

Movably mounted slats & centre zone regulation
from 140 €
Naturmatratze Koje von ekomia

Mattress Koje

The natural mattress with a soft and a firm side
from 400 €

Ecology at ekomia

Illustration Baum als Symbol der Materialverwendung im ökologischen Möbelbau

Durable, certified
solid wood

Illustration Blatt als Symbol für natürliche Farben

Natural organic colors
and oils (vegan)

Illustration recycelte Verpackung

100% recycled packaging

Illustration CO2 im Welthandel

Short transport distances
CO2 compensated

Order a wood sample

If you would like to know what our wood feels like, we will be happy to send you a sample free of charge.

Order a wood sample

Why design beds from ekomia?

Minimalistic design

We think it's a pity that so many of our parents' high-quality furniture in the new generation no longer find buyers because they no longer fit in with the times. That is why we have found a simple, timeless design for our beds that will continue to appeal to the next generation.

The white beds fit well into almost any environment and brighten up the room. The untreated beds made of noble wild oak are a design highlight in every bedroom.

Solid wood lasts

All ekomia beds are made of certified solid wood in an ordinary thickness from 2cm to 3cm. Therefore they are very stable and can get very old with good care. Solid wood is a natural material, which creates a beautiful room climate. In addition, we rely exclusively on quality connections made of metal.

Ecological paint and oils

Our paints and oils are made from natural ingredients, are vegan and meet the EU standard for children's toys (DIN EN 71, part 3).

The white color is not only ecological, but also has a very natural, bright appearance with the wood grain slightly shimmering through.

For each type

We have tried to meet different customer needs with just a few beds:

  • The storage bed Lade with headboard and two continuous bed boxes for people who need protected storage space under their bed. The bed Lade Sans for minimalists who nevertheless do not want to do without a headboard and a comfortable height for getting out.
  • The extravagant design bed Luke with many design details that add functional value to the bed: Shelves, a recessed shelf with movable bedside tables on the head, an asymmetrical headboard and plenty of storage space under the bed.
  • For sleepers who appreciate a minimalist design, there is the floating bed Swebe. A slim, solid bed frame with indented feet - giving the impression of floating.
  • The floating bed Schöneberg is a floating bed at comfort height for minimalists. If you wish, you can order a headboard, bed drawers or a bedside table as an option.


Our solid wood beds have a robust strength and solid metal connectors with solid wood dowels. However, if something should break, any fracture can be repaired with wood glue.

The surface can also be easily repaired if necessary. We offer repair sets for domestic use.

Variable insertion depth for slatted frames and mattresses

Our beds are suitable for all standard slatted frames and mattresses in the corresponding sizes known to us. Nevertheless, in case of doubt you should measure the height of your slatted frame-mattress combination. The mattress should in any case sink a few centimetres into the frame so that it does not slip away. In the best case it will sink in half, that looks chic and you won't bump into the wooden frame. Have a look at the details on our beds to find out the depths of our beds.

Our slatted frames

The roller grille Rigid fits all white ekomia beds. The slats are made of noble alder wood, give a firm lying feeling and last almost an eternity. 21 solid slats are a good compromise between stability and ventilation capacity.

The slatted frame Elastique is suitable for all those who prefer a sprung lying surface. It has movable slats made of certified beech plywood and its lying firmness is individually adjustable. The lamellas have a width of 3.6cm and distances of 3cm. Elastique is also available as slatted frame with adjustable head part and foot part. It can be used for all ekomia beds.

Our natural mattresses

When designing our natural mattresses, we aimed to develop an uncompromising ecological mattress with the greatest possible sleeping comfort.

To keep the overview in the jungle of all the mattresses, we have only two all-round natural mattresses that are suitable for all sleeper types

The natural latex mattress Twisp is made of 100% natural materials and of certified natural latex with a cover of organic cotton, quilted with sheep's wool from controlled organic animal husbandry.

The natural mattress Koje with a firm and a soft side is a compromise between ecology and price. The Ökotex certified cold foam core lasts for years and is covered with untreated, washable organic cotton for a pleasant sleep feeling.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our beds, slatted frames and mattresses.