DIY build & maintain furniture yourself

Free building instructions, inexpensive DIY & maintaining kits for furniture, lamps and home accessories. Customize your home without previous knowledge or professional tools and keep your solid wood furniture in good shape. More

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Kleiderstange aus einem Ast selber bauen

Clothes Rail Walden

Free building instruction. DIY set 15€. Get the branch yourself.
approx. 15 €
Regal aus alten Weinkisten oder Gemüsekisten

Shelf Fix

Shelf with screw clamps - 10€ each. Get your own crates.
approx. 40 €
DIY Tischlampe aus Beton

Table Lamp Konkret

DIY concrete lamp. Free building instruction, cable and socket available here.
approx. 30 €
Hängelampe aus Konservenglas / Einmachglas selber bauen

Pendant Luminaire Kontainer

Pendant luminaires in various colours. Get your own jar. Free instructions.
approx. 25 €
Pendellampe aus Beton selbst bauen

Pendant Luminaire Konkret

Design pendant lamp. Construction manual free of charge. Concrete set & pendant luminaires available in various colours.
approx. 28 €
Palettenbett aus Europaletten selber bauen

Bed Paletti

Only when buying an ekomia mattress
approx. 75 €

Ecology at ekomia

Illustration Baum als Symbol der Materialverwendung im ökologischen Möbelbau

Durable, certified
solid wood

Illustration Blatt als Symbol für natürliche Farben

Natural organic colors
and oils (vegan)

Illustration recycelte Verpackung

100% recycled packaging

Illustration CO2 im Welthandel

Short transport distances
CO2 compensated

Order a wood sample

If you would like to know what our wood feels like, we will be happy to send you a sample free of charge.

Order a wood sample

Do it yourself furniture and lamps made of concrete, branches and upcycling material

Self-made furnishings bring individuality into your home and those are usually the pieces which are most valuable to you later on. Not to forget: You can save a lot of money. That's why we try to offer DIY alternatives to our traditional furniture.

Free construction manuals and DIY sets

All building instructions at Ekomia are free of charge. You can simply get all components according to the material list yourself and get started. If you just want it, we also offer fair priced DIY Sets.

for most manuals.

Upcycling at its best

Our DIY instructions are written in a way that everybody can build it. We try to do without carpentry tools and complicated joining methods and use tools and materials that should be found in most households.

Procurement of materials should also be simple. If you don't want to do too much work for yourself, with most of our building instructions it is sufficient to buy a used part yourself and order the rest from us as a fair price DIY set. But of course you can also do everything yourself. The building instructions and material lists are free of charge and maybe you will find one or the other part at home.

Don't buy me

The most ecological furniture is the one you don't even buy. And let's be honest, we don't really need everything we buy. That's why we want to encourage you to sometimes just buy nothing and rather conjure up a new one from an old part cheaply and individually - honestly.

Furniture preparation

In the maintain area you will find ecological furniture oils, glazes and repair sets with which you can refresh or refurbish old furniture. Of course, all Ekomia furniture can also be easily maintained with it.

Our colour glaze Kunterbunt consists of 100% natural ingredients and is very easy to use at home because it is solvent-free.