Solid wood sideboards & dressers

Ecological sideboards, highboards and chests of drawers made of oiled wild oak or white glazed. Simply designed in Scandinavian design. More

  • Weißes Sideboard aus Massivholz von ekomia

    Sideboard Alma

    from 400 €

    143cm, 181cm wide

    For illustrated books, vinyl, boxes - Magnetic doors optional

  • Lowboard Alma aus Massivholz weiß lasiert

    Lowboard Alma

    from 300 €

    143cm, 181cm wide

    Lowboard on wheels - can also be used as a bench

  • Modulare Regalsystem Alma von ekomia

    Shelf System Alma


    143cm, 181cm wide

    Simple & ecological. Individual shelving arrangements

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All about solid wood sideboards and dressers

Sideboards made of ecological solid wood are incredibly versatile. They not only fit into the bedroom, but also provide more storage space in the living and dining area. You can read everything you need to know about solid wood sideboards before you buy here.

Dust-protected storage space: sideboard as an organizer

Who doesn't know it: This one drawer where you can find everything the household has to offer. From napkins to matches and plasters. Time to end your Chaos. There it proves as practical to acquire equal a solid order aid, in which all kinds of things can be stored dust protected and well sorted.

Organisation talents from solid wood

Sideboards are versatile storage space talents that can be equipped with drawers, shelving units and folding compartments. Thus, almost anything that needs to be neatly stowed can be stored inside such a piece of furniture. Books, records or files are just as well stored in a sideboard made of solid wood as dishes or bed linen.

The advantage of a sideboard: Thanks to the doors and drawers, the interior is much more dust-protected than, for example, a shelf. This not only keeps things tidy, but also reduces the amount of dust that has to be removed.

Wider than high

As the name suggests, the focus of the sideboard is on the "side", i.e. on the wide side. A sideboard is a chest of drawers that is wide. While a cabinet uses the full height of a room, the sideboard focuses on the horizontal.

Before you decide to buy a new one, it makes sense to think carefully about what you want to store inside. If you have a lot of space available in your home, it is better to choose a new piece of furniture that is too large rather than too small.

But if you have to use all the dimensions of the room due to a narrow cut, you can also combine your chest of drawers with wall shelves. Especially in an old building with very high ceilings the room can be optimally furnished. In addition, you are completely flexible in the arrangement, so you can also put design-oriented accents on the wall or arrange the wall boards with picture frames or similar to an overall arrangement.

Why a solid wood sideboard of ekomia?

We at ekomia live sustainability. This begins with timeless product design, continues with the selection of our materials and ends with the solid wood sideboard that lasts for many years.

Naturally beautiful

The surface of the oak sideboards and chests of drawers is oiled. This looks not only very noble, but also has another advantage. The ecological oiling preserves the open-pored structure of the oak wood. So the wood can still breathe and even has a positive influence on the room climate. Wood can absorb moisture and, if necessary, release it back into the environment - in case the wood pores are not sealed.

Because of the high quality standards for all materials and production materials you can place our oiled as well as our white glazed sideboards not far from the bed without hesitation.

Certified raw materials and bio glaze

The colour with which the rustic raw material is refined is bio glaze. This is not only based on natural ingredients, but is also vegan and meets the toy standard. Thus Alma is also well suitable for the bedroom or playroom for your dear little ones.

Certified natural wood

For the production of our organic furniture we exclusively use certified wood. The trees used for the production of our organic furniture come from responsible forestry. Each removed tree has a successor - so there is no deficit. The balance of the natural forest ecosystem is maintained so that many generations can still enjoy the beauty of nature.

The wood used for our Alma collection gained its origins in Sweden and is FSC certified. The pine wood originates from sustainable forestry.

Sustainable solid wood furniture

Sustainable also means durable. A sideboard made of solid wood is characterized by its solid quality. Solid wood furniture is stable and can be moved easily.

And if something should break, natural wood is easy to repair. So if you treat your solid eco-furniture with care, it will be your faithful companion for many years to come. This is one of the reasons why we focus on timeless furniture designs that do not go out of fashion.

The allrounder oak chest of drawers

The Commode Friedrichshain is made of fine wild oak and catches the eye with its natural look. The wild wood structure and the eye-catching knots give the oak chest of drawers a high-quality look.

Cozy natural wood, sober design

Friedrichshain shines with its natural, cosy charisma. In contrast to this is the functional form. The oak chest of drawers has two doors divided into four sections. A drawer closes at the bottom, occupying the entire width of the sideboard.

You won't find any external handles on the chest of drawers. Instead, the doors can be opened by tapping on the top edge. This Push-to-Open technology and the absence of external handles underline the puristic appearance of this designer piece, which also harmonizes well with our solid wood beds. For example with the design bed Schöneberg. The highlight: both the bed and the sideboard made of solid wood have rounded edges. This is how you create a harmonious ensemble.

White modular shelving system

You prefer white glazed pine wood? Then the Alma shelf, a simple helper, is waiting for you. To turn the shelf into a sideboard with doors, you can simply choose between different door modules. These are available in white, grey and mint - perfect for a colourful interior.

Lowboard, sideboard, Shelf S, M or L - you decide

Alma is available in 5 predefined sizes: choose between the Alma lowboard, the sideboard, the S, M or L shelf, depending on which sizes fit best in your four walls. Are your rooms particularly high? Then you also have the possibility to extend the modules with additional levels or you can configure your complete Alma "from scratch"

As the individual components of the shelf are fixed with invisible connectors, the piece of furniture also impresses with its stable functionality. Alma is also available as a lowboard with castors. So you can easily move your new favourite piece of furniture and place it exactly where you need it.