Ecological storage beds with and without drawers

Practical storage beds in solid wild oak or white glazed with optional drawers. Certified solid wood treated with ecological glazes or oils. More

  • Weißes Designbett mit Regal und Kopfteil von ekomia

    Bed Luke

    from 700 €

    140, 160, 180, 200 cm

    Design bed with shelf & integrated night table. Headboard optional - 100€.

  • Weißes Stauraumbett Lade von ekomia

    Bed Lade

    from 875 €

    120, 140, 160, 180, 200 cm

    Storage bed with headboard & two bed drawers to open on either side.

  • Weißes Massivholzbett Lade Sans von ekomia

    Bed Lade Sans

    from 550 €

    120, 140, 160, 180, 200 cm

    Minimalist bed in comfort height with headboard.

  • Bett Massivholz aus Eiche von ekomia

    Bed Schöneberg 3

    from 1.250 €

    140, 160, 180, 200 cm

    Floating bed at comfort height with headboard and one or two bed boxes

  • Schwebendes Designer Bett von ekomia

    Bed Schöneberg 1

    from 650 €

    140, 160, 180, 200 cm

    Simple floating bed made of wild oak at comfort height

  • Schwebebett aus massiver Wildeiche von ekomia

    Bed Schöneberg 2

    from 800 €

    90, 140, 160, 180, 200 cm

    Floating design bed at comfort height with headboard

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All about storage beds

storage beds make effective use of the bedroom: they give you more storage space thanks to integrated storage surfaces and bed boxes. Ideal for all who love functionality. What is important while buying a storage bed, you can read here.

What should you look out for when buying storage beds?

The name suggests it: A storage bed provides more usable space in the bedroom. The solid beds with storage space prove their very own sense of aesthetics. Choose from different storage options to suit your taste.

Beds with classic bed boxes offer additional space below the lying surface. This is where, for example, unused blankets and bed linen can be stored. Additional storage space, for books or other items, can be found in storage beds with integrated shelves. The shelves are usually integrated into the frame or headboard of the bed.

The right position matters

When buying a storage bed, the position of the drawers or shelf units on the bed is important. In which direction can the bed drawers be opened? Are the shelves located at the foot or headboard? In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, you should therefore consider how you want to place your bed in the room.

Thereby you make sure that you can use your new sleeping place and especially the additional storage space well. You still don't know exactly how you want to furnish your bedroom? Then our bio bed Lade made of solid pine is the right choice. You can open the two drawers under the lying surface on both sides. So you stay completely flexible.

Don't forget to plan the room before placing your bed. Maybe you want to complete your sleep landscape with a matching bedside table. Then it makes sense to consider more room so that the drawers can still be opened. Or you can choose Plan B: A hanging nightstand, e.g. Nightstand Swebe.

Mattresses need air to breathe

Did you know that we lose a lot of sweat during our sleep - on average about one litre a day? The mattress absorbs a large part of it. This makes it all the more important that the mattress is well ventilated. This is the only way for the moisture to escape, creating a healthy bed climate.

With many storage beds with a bed box, ventilation from below is less. Logical: Where normally the air can circulate, there are drawers with contents. On the Schöneberg model, the drawers are positioned centrally under the bed. This allows enough air to reach the mattress from the front and rear - ensuring ventilation. For other storage beds, such as Bed Lade, simply open the drawers from time to time.

When choosing a mattress for your storage space bed, you should avoid spring mattresses for reasons of air circulation. Because they require more intensive ventilation than, for example, a mattress with cold foam filling. Also a good alternative for a storage bed: The natural latex mattress Twisp, which has a moisture-balancing sheep's wool lining.

Sustainable solid wood storage beds

More space in the bedroom: A storage bed is versatile and functional. Discover our different models in timeless design - based on the Scandinavian style. And as always with ekomia: certified solid wood meets ecological glazes and oils. For a natural sleep feeling.

Bio bed with XXL storage space

The storage bed Lade is straight-lined and has an angular finish. The white bio-colour that adorns the high frame and the slanted headboard makes your bedroom look brighter and bigger. Under the white finish, the wood shimmers through delicately - a natural eye-catcher.

The two bed boxes provide plenty of dust-protected storage space. They are located under the lying surface and cover the entire width of the bio-bed. As the drawers are fixed on castors, they can be easily moved in and out. Good to know: You can equip the bed drawer with any type of slatted frame.

Ecological design bed with integrated shelves

The floating design bed Luke is also made of solid pine wood, white glazed and can be used with any slatted frame. In addition to its longevity, the storage bed convinces with its timeless, Scandinavian-inspired design. Several compartments are integrated into the frame of the solid wood bed, which provide a plus in usable space.

At the foot of the bed you will find three compartments for books and co. And the headboard is also equipped with another compartment. Here you can store your smartphone or evening reading. The distance between the bed frame and the floor is 17 cm - perfect for sliding the guest mattress under the storage bed, for example.

Classic storage bed made of wild oak

Our model Schöneberg 3 is a high-quality storage bed made of solid wild oak. If you wish, you can order the floating bed with one or two drawers. The bed drawers run on castors and have splanted sides. Thus they merge optically into a unit with the frame and are hardly noticeable.

The lively grain is typical of wild oak, characterized by branches and a broad color spectrum. Note that the Schöneberg storage bed is not suitable for all types of slatted frames due to constructional reasons: Do without a roll-up grate and prefer instead to use a slatted frame with spring-loaded frame.

Healthy sleep - natural storage beds from ekomia

For us, sustainability is a holistic concept. And especially in the bedroom natural and pollutant-free materials matter. A good reason to rely on organic furniture.

Eco wood from certified forestry

We only use FSC-certified wood from sustainable forestry to manufacture our storage beds. This means that a new tree is planted for every tree that is felled. This preserves the forest ecosystem - at the same time we can use the renewable resource wood.

And of course solid wood has another advantage: natural wood is a durable material that can be enjoyed by several generations. For us, sustainable also means durable.

Minimalist organic design furniture

Ecological furniture has a durable substance. But longevity does not only depend on the material. Durable pieces of furniture follow fast-moving trends only to a limited extent. Rather, they are timeless and delight our eyes even years after purchase.

Our storage beds are therefore deliberately minimalist with the simple elegance of Nordic design. They have the potential to last for several years, if not decades.

Contaminants, Adieu

When we sleep, we are most vulnerable. Especially when it comes to things you might not notice at first glance. That's why we only use ecological colours and natural oils from German production in the manufacture of our storage beds.

While the dormitories made of wild oak are treated with high-quality oils, the storage beds made of pine are glazed. The white colour is a classic on the one hand and corresponds to the toy standard on the other. Thus also the smallest ones can sleep without hesitation in the parents bed.